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Book list from Source-1

Administrative Theory:
* Basic Premises: Structure, processess and Behaviour - Mohit Bhattacharya
* Public Administration and Public Affairs - Nicholas Henry
* Modern Public Administration - Nigro and Nigro
Theories of Organisation:
* Organisation and Management - D. Guishiain
* Management Thoughts and Thinkers - R. N. Singh
Principles of Organisation:
* Essentials of Management - Koontz and O'Donnel or Management - Kast and Roseinweigz or -- Principles of Management - Terry and Frankline
Administrative Behaviour:
* Utilising Human Behaviour - Paul Hersey and Kenneth Blanchard or Organisation Behaviour - Stephen P. Robbing
Structure of Organisation: Same as Principles of Organisation.
Personnel Administration Public Personnel Administration - 0. Glenn Stahl or A.R. Tyagi.
Financial Administration of India - M.J.K. Thavaraj.
Accountability and Control Same as Administrative Theory, and Special issue of IIPA on Accountability.
Administrative Reforms - G. E. Caiden or P.R. Dubhasi.
Administrative Law - M.P. Jain or I.P. Massey.
Comparative and Development Administration:Public Administration: A Comparative Perspectives - Ferrel Headly or Comparative Public Administration - R. K. Arora
Public Policy: Public Policy making - James F. Anderson or Policy making in Government - K. D. Madan
Evolution of Indian Administration: Administrative History of India Vol. \, II, III - B.N. Puri
Environmental Setting: An Introduction to the Constitution of India - D. D. Basu
Political Executive at the Union Level: An Introduction to the Constitution of India - D. D. Basu
Structure of Central Administration: Central Administration - A Awasthi
Centre-State relations: An Introduction to the Constitution of India - D.D. Basu + Sarkaria Commission report.
Public Services:Personnel Administration - A.R. Tyagi + Administrative Reforms Commission report.
.Machinery for Planning: Planning Commission - H.K. Paranjape, and Administrative Reforms Commission report on Planning Commission.
Public Undertakings: Principles and Practice of Public Enterprise Management - Laxmi Narayan
Control of Public Expenditure: Financial Administration - M.J.K.Thavaraj.
Administration of Law and Order: Law and Order Administration in India - K.K. Sharma
State Administration: J.D. Shukla..
District and local Administration: District Administration - S.S. Khera + Special issue of IIPA.
Local Administration: Local Administration in India - S.R. Maheshwari
Administration for Welfare - Annual Report of Ministry of Social Welfare.
Issue Areas in Indian Administration - IGNOU material.
Public Administration - Avasthi & Maheswari
Indian History
* (Administrative Portion) (Classes XI & XII) - NCERT
* Administrative History of India (Vols. I, II, III) - B.N. Puri
Planning Commission - H.K. Paranjape
Administrative Thinkers - D. Ravindra Prasad, V.S. Prasad and P.Satyanarayan.
District Administration in India - S.S. Khera

Book list from Source-2


Preliminary Examination

1. Introduction to the Study of Public Administration    —L.D. White
2. Public Administration    —A.R. Tyagi
3. Public Administration in Theory and Practice
—M.P. Sharma & B.L. Sadana
4. Administrative Thinkers    —Prasad & Prasad
5. Public Administration    —Avasthi & Maheshwari
6. Public Administration    —Mohit Bhattacharya

Specific Topics
1. Financial Administration : Financial Administration in India
— M.J.K. Thavaraj
2. Comparative Administration : Public Administration : A Comparative Perspective (Topic No. 5 & 6)    —Ferrel Heady
3. Administrative Behaviour : Administrative Behaviour (In press)             —Rajiv Ranjan Singh
4. Indian Administration    —Avasthi & Avasthi
5. Constitution of India    —D.D. Basu.
Relevant Topics : 1. Union Executive 2. State Executive 3. Centre-State Relations 4. Public Services & Public Service Commission 5. Rights & Liabilities of Civil Servants.


Mains Examination

Paper I


1. Introduction to the study of Public Administration    —L.D. White
2. Public Administration    —Mohit Bhattacharya
3. Administrative Thinkers    —Prasad & Prasad
4. Public Administration    —A.R. Tyagi
5. Public Administration    —C.P. Bhambri

Specific Topics
1. Basic premises : Modern Public Administration    —Nigro & Nigro
2. Vaid’s Fundamentals of Public Admninistrative Series (Ashtam Prakashan)
(i) Principles of Organisation and Comparative
    Public Administration   
(ii) Administrative Behaviour   
3. Personnel Administration : Public Personnel Administration
—O. Glenn. Stahl
4. Administrative Law : Administrative Law    —M.P. Jain
5. Comparative and Development Administration :
Comparative Public Administration    —R.K. Arora
6. Public Policy : Public Policy    —R.K. Sapru

Paper II

1. Constitution of India    —D.D. Basu
2. Indian Administration    —Avasthi & Avasthi
3. Administrative Reform Commission (ARC) Report on
(a)Machinery of Planning
(b)Centre-state relationships
(c)Financial Administration
(d)State Administration
(e)District Administration
4. Public Administration    —A.R. Tyagi
5. Issues in Indian Administration    —R.B. Jain
6. Special volumes of Indian Journal of Public Administration
Specific Topics
1. Evolution of Indian Administration : NCERT Books (Class XI & XII) on Indian History : Administrative portion.
2. Centre-State Relations : A brief reference to Sarkaria Commission Report.
3. Public Undertakings : Principles and Practices of Public Enterprise Management—Laxmi Narayan
4. Control of Public Expenditure : Financial Administration in India—M.J.K. Thavaraj
5. State Administration : State Administration—J.D. Shukla
6. District Administration : District Administration—S.S. Khera
7. Local Administration : Local Government in India—S.R. Maheshwari
8. Administration for Welfare : Social Welfare Administration—D. Paul Choudhary
Annual Report of Department of Justice & Empowerment
Note:—Consult IGNOU Materials

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