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Keen Observer-360 degree of vision-should be able to step back and look at the big picture and then devise solutions. Should possess ability to have both macro and micro perspective on any issue before him.


Good Listener-requires a lot of patience and sympathy. At times people need only a good listener, e.g. though their problems cannot be solved-at times they may also realize this-but all that they need is to know that people in authority are aware of their frustrations and anxieties. He should be able to understand this. 


Effective Communicator-should be able to convey things with clarity and as simply as possible without patronizing or scaring others with the command of his vast knowledge or intellect.


Respect For Fact and Intellectual Honesty-He should not speak without facts and should have the patience to find the whole truth.


Should Behave Gracefully-As is becoming of an officer-should never lose temper even under stress.


A Genuinely Cheerful Disposition-is of great use in difficult times and situations. He should be able to project for future.


Transparently Honest-Should not bluff. Truth is always more convenient in today’s busy world. He should know how to say no if that is what situation demands, without hurting people as far as possible.


Should Not Panic-in the face of problems or difficulties; he should be able to keep cool even in scary situations. When chips are down he should be able to stand, i.e., hold his ground and be counted. Should be able to deal with crisis elegantly. He should be able to cope with change effortlessly in today’s ever changing environment and should not feel rattled by any change. Should react proportionately to the degree of change. Change is the currency of times we are living in.


Should Be a Good Leader-of his people. That means, you should be able to lead your people and not seek directions from them in difficulty. Should inspire confidence in your men- encourage them to give suggestions. Take responsibility for the mistakes of your juniors if committed without motive, i.e., you should be able to know your men.


A Good Judge-of people-It is the most essential quality for any administrator.

You would need it all the time.


Should Be Sensitive-to other’s sufferings and problems even if they are self-inflicted or you are not able to help much.


Should Be Habitually Objective- with a deep sense of fair play and justice. You should not be hesitant to give credit where it is due and share honour if the situation rightfully demands so.


In Final Analysis-He is a nice guy who does not mind even if he finishes second and lets somebody else win if that would bring cheer to someone’s life. At times, a gesture is all that you can do. But remember sometimes even a gesture goes a long way.


It Seems To Be a Tall Order-To expect all these from a single person. Nevertheless, one can at least make a sincere attempt to make it a habit to conduct himself with a bit more of grace and grit. Finally, in a moment of truth you should be able to honestly reflect on your own performances and perhaps give yourself at least

 71/ 2  out of 10 marks.





Mr. V.P.Gupta

Director, Rau’s IAS Study Circle




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